Amazon reduces number of days to respond to A-Z Claims

Beginning November 14, the response time to an A-to-z Guarantee claim notification will decrease from 7 calendar days to 3 calendar days. This means that you will have 3 days to respond to Amazon via Seller Central to any claim filed against you by the buyer. Failure to respond to a claim in this timeframe will result in the claim being decided in favor of the buyer. Responding directly to the buyer or calling Seller Support does not qualify as an official response to the claim.

In order to provide a fair and consistent claims experience for you, we also implemented changes to encourage buyers to first contact a seller regarding an order issue, prior to filing a claim. This will limit claims being filed before you have a chance to address the buyer’s issue.

We have made these changes to provide a better claims experience for both the buyer and you, the seller. Buyers respond positively to a quick response from the sellers. The changes should result in fewer claims, but if claims are necessary they will be resolved quickly forward.

Be sure to check your seller account regularly for Claims Notifications.

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